Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Nollaig Christmas Stockings

I recently held a knitting class on how to make socks in our local library. I made up a vanilla sock pattern and everyone got to grips with their octopus needles pretty quickly, I even had a few converts to sock circular needles. It was definitely a class of fun and learning on both sides. When it was all sadly over, feeling a bit bereft (and guilty, one of my pupils would bake us a treat for our coffee break each week and we were all thoroughly spoilt), I decided to make a little gift and reminder for each pupil.

Every Christmas I make little mini Christmas stockings as gifts for family and friends and I thought it would be the perfect parting gift. I made one with each pupils initial on it and a snowflake on the back.

Everyone was thrilled with their little miniature and there was lots of hugging and squealing.

I also decided it was time, now that I have made the mini sock so often, to write up the pattern and publish it for free just in time for those last minute gifts this festive period!

I will add the link here to Ravelry and the Nollaig Christmas Stocking. I hope you download, make and let me know how you got on!

The sock only uses around 5g of 4ply yarn in two contrasting colours. There is a fair isle initial to the front and a snowflake to the back, but you can leave this out if you prefer. You could also add beads to the snowflake for an added bit of Festive Bling! Add them with a crochet hook and knit them on. 

Well I had oodles of fun making them, I probably will make quite a few more before December is over, so have a go and make someone smile with a handmade gift this Yuletide.

Happy Knitting


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Lime Pea Pi Shawl

It's always fun to knit the same pattern a second time with a little bit of a difference. I finished a new design a little while ago - my Ruby Pi Shawl, and I enjoyed the process so much I thought I would try it in a finer yarn. The original shawl is knit in Jamieson's Ultra Lace Yarn (colour Lava) and it makes a very warm and useful shawl or sofa blankie. This time I wanted something a little luxurious and light. 

I used Colourmart Cashmere Silk 2/28NM laceweight yarn in the colour Lime Pea. It is beautiful to work with from the cone, so soft and silky and fine. I used a 3.25mm needle and the shawl is 54" across and makes a comfortable shawl size. The shawl weighs 94g and I used approximately 1,441 yards altogether.

The pattern itself is easy to memorise and there are rest rows every second row for the most part, so you get a lot of impact for such a simple design. It's perfect TV knitting!

Looking forward to releasing the pattern soon, I have a few techie issues to iron out first.

Happy knitting